Jazz History From Time Being

Many people are not aware that Jazz has experienced extraordinary evolution. Not many people realize that Jazz music is music that was first performed by black Americans, who are known by the term. African-American (Afro-American).

This music was born in a state with the highest murder rate in the United States, New Orleans.

We all know that the racist pressures of the whites in the 1920s were certainly extraordinary, especially as classmates Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were just born.

The situation of the American continent which is full of pressure on the white people has given birth to an extraordinary work, presented to the whole world from African-Americans.

New Orleans is not just a city, it is a port, an industrial city, and also poverty becomes plural there, drugs, booze, and slums.

That’s all a normal view, especially when America was hit by The Great Depression during the period 1929-1939, where unemployment had become commonplace, prostitution increased, many rich people were depressed because stocks suddenly plummeted no value at all.

This socio-economic condition gave rise to new communities in coffee shops, bars in every corner of the City of New Orleans. This is where the momentum arises, the birth of a new music genre that will shake the world of discussion. Jazz!

It did not take long, Jazz music crept like lightning through America, music that was heard in the ears of many people at that time was very strange and confusing, turned into entertainment that turned on bars in America.

This is where popping up, the new pioneers in the world of Jazz. Jazz at this time still smells of blues.

World War had a big influence on the Jazz music industry. Jazz music that has grown first then experiences marriage. This is where new musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie who marry Jazz with Bepop are born are born. Jazz has entered the dance room.

Along with the growth of the younger generation and strong influence after the return of war veterans during World War 2, coupled with the chaos of world politics due to the American and Russian Cold War and major problems in the world in the form of increasingly loosening the role of religion in life. The generations of that era gave birth to Rock music.

A music that is louder and nuances of rebellion, disgust for hypocrisy and public lies that are increasingly transparent. Jazz music is certainly affected into it. Music historians call it the term Jazz Fusion.

If called Jazz Fusion, then the name that is always attached to Miles Davis, as mentioned in his autobiography, he was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, the legendary guitarist.

Call it after that the Weather Report Group was pioneered by Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter. All of these are inseparable from the influence of Miles Davis, who launched the album In A Silent Way which broke through the 134th Billboard Charts in America.

Their work later became Avante-Garde in the Jazz world which later changed the structure of Jazz music going forward.

This is where Jazz music became increasingly popular throughout the world. In the 70s, big bands and great musicians emerged, which then led to more established Jazz direction.

Call it the Return To Forever Group, in which there is Chick Corea, whose works are well known throughout the world and Jazz fans. Also present was the Spanish Guitarist, Al Di Meola, who brought a different feel to the next Jazz music.

Jazz music was later enjoyed not only in bars alone, but had penetrated the campuses and major stages of the world, and the sale of their album became a hit since after the 70s.

Jazz music in the 80s entered an era that was later smoother, because there were more and more mixed new music streams like Pop. The era of the 80s was marked by the birth of great jazz musicians such as Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Bob James, David Sanborn, George Benson, Al Jarreau.

Jazz music in this era is lighter on the ear, and more easily accepted by the public. Jazz music in this era began to be enjoyed by the upper classes, and then became exclusive and could only be enjoyed by the heavy competing circles.

This was realized correctly by the world Jazz musicians, so finally the Jazz Festival popped up, to return Jazz music to its non-exclusive habitat. Now almost all over the world we can watch the Jazz Festival.

Japan is also strongly affected by Jazz music brought by African-Americans, in Japan there is a Jazz singer who is very well known to the Jazz world, Sadao Watanabe.

His works are very numerous and are often invited to Jazz Festival events. Sadao Watanabe is often invited by the world’s great musicians to be present on their albums.

There is also a Jazz band from Japan which is worldwide, Cassiopea, this band is one of the most popular Jazz Bands throughout Japan and the songs are very familiar to the ears of Jazz fans.

Canada, which is a direct neighbor of America, cannot be separated from the influence of Jazz, as well as Britain. Call it the legendary Jazz group UZEB from Canada and the Accoustic Alchemy Band from the UK which is very productive.

That was a glimpse of the rise of Contemporary Jazz from poor workers in New Orleans to the grand Festival Stage.

From here we can reflect, that this life will influence one another, one big event in the world, will have social and cultural impact on society, more or less, as well as what is done by the leaders in this world.

What is clear is music is entertainment, and we should not choose entertainment wrong.

Music is a work of art created by God for humans, so that people can remember the greatness of the Creator, who created the mouth and ears, eyes and hearts, all of which are senses for the beauty of God.

Hopefully through music, art in the universe we can permeate this life. Understanding it and with the universe, which plays the most beautiful natural music of all time.

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