Hollywood Artists Affected by Corona Outbreak

A number of Hollywood artists reportedly positively contracted the corona virus and had to isolate themselves. After Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were stated positive, now other artists such as James Bond and Marvel were also positively corona viruses.

Then who are the Hollywood artists who have contracted the complete corona virus? The following is a complete summary:


  1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks said that if he and Rita Wilson were in Australia and had a test there. From the test results confirmed Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson positive corona virus.

“Hello, me and Rita are in Australia. We feel a little tired and experience symptoms of flu and aches. Rita also felt the chill gone and gone. There’s a fever too. We then underwent a test for the corona virus and we tested positive,” said Tom Hanks.

He also uploaded the news on his social media, Twitter and Instagram. He would carry out all the actions required by the health authorities.

“We, the Hanks family, will undergo tests, observations, and be isolated as required. We will continue to inform the development of our conditions,” added Hanks.


  1. Olga Kurylenko

Actress James Bond filmmaker Olga Kurylenko also confirmed that he had contracted the corona virus. This is known through upload on social media Instagram as reported on Tuesday (03/17/2020).

“I’ve actually been sick for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of yourself and do this seriously!” wrote Olga.

The actress and model born in Berdyansk, Ukraine, on November 14, 1979, revealed that she had tested positive for the corona virus.

“Being trapped at home after being tested positive for corona virus,” she wrote.

In her upload, Olga uploaded a photo showing the view through the window of her house. With this news, Olga Kurylenko added to the list of international entertainment figures who were infected with the corona virus.


  1. Marvel actor, Idris Elba

Adding to the length of the line of Hollywood artists who contracted the corona virus, the Marvel movie actor, Idris Elba was also stated positive. Idris Elba revealed he was positively infected by the corona virus through a video he uploaded on Twitter @idriselba on Tuesday (3/17/2020).

In the tweet Elba revealed that he did not feel any symptoms before undergoing the test.

“I am fine, I have not experienced symptoms so far but I have isolated myself since I may have become a virus spreader,” Idris Elba said in the video.

Through the video he uploaded, Elba also appealed for social distancing and hand washing. The actor of Heimdall in the Thor film series also invites followers on Twitter to immediately do a health test if you feel sick.

“Transparency is probably the best thing for this time. If you feel sick or you feel you need to be tested (health) or you have been exposed, then do something about it, okay?” he said too.


  1. Game of Thrones actor, Kristofer Hivju

Actor Kristofer Hivju, known for his role as Tormund in the Game of Thrones series, was also tested positive for corona virus. Hivju revealed the news through an upload on his Instagram account, @khivju on Tuesday (3/17/2020).

“Sorry to say this, today I tested positive for COVID19, the corona virus,” he wrote.

After being stated positive, Hivju and family then isolated themselves in their own homes in Norway. He also reported that his condition was fine, and there were no symptoms other than a mild cold. Just like Idris Elba, Hivju also warned to start doing social distancing for mutual security.

“I remind you to be very careful, wash your hands, keep a distance of 1.5 meters from the others, quarantine, do whatever can be done to stop the spread of this virus,” he wrote.

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