Freddie Mercury Biography

Maybe everyone already knew Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991. But did you know that Freddie once won a healthy baby contest?

The vocalist of the legendary group Queen is indeed not an ordinary person. His work in the music industry is very striking making him recognized as one of the most influential rockers, as well as controversial.

The musician who was born on September 5, 1946, is a puppet and a puppeteer for Queen. Not only creating legendary hits, Freddie also had no trouble entertaining thousands of people from the stage.

Had been hated and blasphemed for claiming to be homosexual, Freddie’s work is still so admired. To commemorate the birth of the eccentric rocker, let’s look at some surprising facts about him. (kpl / niz)

  1. Tragic Breakup Story

Skyrocketed in the ’70s, Queen’s prestige dropped because of Freddie’s open confession about her sexual orientation. Often wearing a feminine outfit, in fact many people have been suspicious of him.

His relationship with a man named Jim Hutton drew a lot of reactions, although he eventually sank in time. But many do not know about the tragic story with his girlfriend.

Freddie accidentally brought his girlfriend all the way from the United States to London just to end their relationship. And, worse, he was flown again to the U.S. on the same day.

However, some time later, the owner’s real name Farrokh Bulsara was reportedly close to a woman. Who is he?

  1. Heiress of Wealth Freddie

Freddie’s figure is known as a closed person. He is not easy to make friends with strangers because of his superstar status.

But he has someone who is more trusted than anyone. That special woman named Mary Austin. He was the friend of Freddie’s life for years.

Mary is very special to him. In fact, the ‘husband’ left all his wealth to the woman who was always with him.

However, many consider Mary as Freddie’s closest friend. The reason for living together, they also do not have offspring.

  1. Behind the Queen’s Name

Why does Freddie Mercury propose the name Queen? Apparently there are quite interesting facts about the word queen herself.

In England, the word queen seems to have a negative connotation. The word is used as a nickname for men who like to look feminine.

In general, queen is identical with homosexuality. Looking at Freddie’s background, maybe we understand why he used that name.

  1. Have an Obsession with Cats

Most people who are introverted choose ‘escape’ by raising certain animals. The most common are dogs and cats.

As a private person, Freddie has a special affinity with the dozens of cats he has raised. Like there is its own satisfaction when chatting with those hairy friends.

One of his favorite cats named Delilah. So unfortunately, Freddie wrote a song with the same title listed on the album Queen. Wow, cool.

  1. Mystery of the Queen’s Coat

No doubt Freddie’s role in Queen is very dominant. Besides being known as a perfectionist, he is also very productive.

Besides creating songs, apparently the legendary logo is Freddie’s own creation. It turns out that the maestro is a bachelor’s degree holder in the fields of art and graphic design.

The philosophy of the symbol itself is the zodiac icon of the Queen’s personnel at that time. Two lions represented Leo’s zodiac John Deacon and Roger Taylor, Brian May’s Cancer crab, and two Virgo fairies for himself.

  1. ‘Clash’ With Michael Jackson Because of …

These two legends did work together, but they also had problems. Wow what’s up?

On one occasion they had a chance to duet before finally canceled because Michael Jackson brought a ‘friend’. A Llama was brought in by the king of pop into a TV studio.

Because they do not like the act of his colleague, their collaboration was in ruins. Wow, Michael is weird.

  1. Never Win a Healthy Baby Contest

Even babies have already accomplished, that’s Freddie. Born in an area called Zanzibar, Tanzania, he won a baby contest in his village.

Have a healthy and adorable body Farrokh Bulsara became the idol babies of mothers. When he was older, he then fled with his father who was a diplomat in England.

His way of life as a musician is indeed unexpected. In the country of Queen Elizabeth, Farrokh’s music career began, along with the change of his name as Freddie Mercury.

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