BTS Video Feat Halsey Full Album Insights

BTS released a music video from Boy With Love featuring Halsey, hits from BTS’s latest album, Map of Soul: Persona. Not yet an hour, this music video was immediately watched by 500 thousand viewers. In the album Map of Soul: Persona there will be 7 tracks, Intro: Persona, Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey), Microcosm, Make It Right, HOME, Jamais Vu, and Dionysus.

Intro: Persona

Intro: Persona came into being the first song on BTS’s latest album to be made from the same sampling of Intro’s beat: Skool Luv Affair from the Skool Luv Affair album. In this song, we will hear RM’s vocals when we rap about the theme Who Am I? theirs on previous albums. Recommended with BTS, you should listen to Intro: Persona with Intro: Skool Luv Affair.

Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)

The funky pop song, Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey), which hits on the album map of Soul: Persona, is actually made softer than the previous BTS songs, which felt a little darker and heavier. Boy With Love sounds more cheerful because it tells of a flowery guy because he is in love. What’s special is Halsey yey! Even if you only get 2 words, Oh my! but the cool thing is Halsey, I asked to come to Korea to participate in producing this song and follow the shooting music video with the BTS children.


Microcosm’s pop rock song on this album presents a unique rhythm for you to listen to while dancing. This song also states that every person is a precious star like their own Microcosm that shines beautifully like the lights of a city at night.

Make It Right

Make It Right is produced by the producer who handles Ed Sheeran. This song is a pop genre with soft but subtle emotions. At the same time there is also a special rap belonging to RM that he made himself. RM’s distinctive voice makes this song feel complete because it is soft to find RM’s vocal falsetto.


You will hear 90s old school music in the HOME is a hip hop song that combines 90s old school. Home is where BTS seeks protection from loneliness and hardship, which is to go home. HOME is an expression of thanks and acknowledgment of their love for the fans.

Jamais Vu

jamais Vu is taken from French which means afraid of doing something even though it has already happened. This message of concern was delivered directly at Jamais Vu by J-Hope, Jin and Jung Kook.


Years after War of Hormone and Rise of Bangtan, BTS returned with their old hip hop school in Dionysus. The rap rock section consists of a combination of 90s hip hop tracks with metal guitar sound. This song is the expression of every BTS member who wants to tell the world through music about their journey to become an artist like now.

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