6 Fashionable Celebrities Clothing Line

The influence of celebrities in the world is indeed very large. Not only in their fields, their influence has already reached various aspects of life, especially how to dress. As a public figure witnessed by millions of pairs of eyes, they certainly don’t want to look bad. They will mastiin their style and clothing choices as well as possible to make it look attractive.

Well, in the era of rapidly developing fashion trends like now, they don’t want to lose to top fashion designers and create their own fashion lines. Those who are involved in this business are not just from being involved. They have a concept that represents their identity so that the results have an identity. In addition, those who go into the fashion line business usually have their own tastes that make it different from the others.


  1. October’s Very Own (OVO) – Drake

In 2011, Drake and his tour manager, Oliver El-Khatib, collaborated and founded OVO. This fashion line, known as the owl logo, targets the male segment who likes modern hip hop styles. OVO’s unique fashion collection itself represents Drake’s style of dress as a famous rapper.

You will be a perfect match for OVO if you are a guy who likes to wear track jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, and jogger pants. Not just an ordinary clothing line, OVO also often collaborates with other famous clothing lines. One of the hot collaborations is OVO X Jordan Brand which makes sneakers fans scramble to have it.

  1. Pretty Green – Liam Gallagher

Don’t claim to be Oasis fans if you don’t know Liam Gallagher has this line of clothing. Founded in 2009, Pretty Green’s mission is to raise the trend of British fashion that exploded in the rock ‘n roll era. Pretty Green itself is eyeing the middle-upper class upperclass guy whose soul is Britpop and is bored with the dapper alias dapper style.

Therefore, the clothing line offered by Pretty Green will be a perfect fit for you who like eccentric style but still casual like Gallagher. The collection itself varies with its distinctive silhouette which consists of a coat, leather jacket, jacket and paisley shirt.


  1. David Beckham for H&M – David Beckham

David Beckham’s charm in the fashion world is second to none. The living legend of world football is known for its good looks and fashion sense that makes a girl swallow when imagining it. This advantage is what makes Beckham also known as a model and observer of men’s fashion.

Swedish fashion retailer, H&M, saw the great potential of a Beckham then collaborated to create the David Beckham fashion line for H&M. The silhouette itself represents the clothing choices that Beckham uses everyday. Therefore, not only looks like Dapper, David Beckham for H&M is also comfortable to use.

  1. Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) – Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams, you could say, is a celebrity “art” abis. Not only works through proven lyrics and musical compositions, he is also known for his reputation as the most fashionable celebrity. You can see Pharrell’s work in the fashion world through the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) clothing line that he co-created with Nigo, founder of Bathing Ape.

Pharrell’s reputation as the most stylish celebrity makes the BBC into the line of high-end streetwear with Supreme, OFF-WHITE, and Anti Social Social Club. The items are also limited and are usually sold at high prices. The lining collection represents the style of streetwear that suits today’s guys, from sweaters, hoodies, hats, to sneakers.


  1. Yeezy – Kanye West

Talking about celebrity clothing lines isn’t complete without Kanye West. You see, West is a role model for many men today in the world of dress. This eccentric rapper is a figure who makes sportswear a part of first-class fashion trends that are loved by many people.

The skyrocketing trend called athleisure can be seen from the rampant match of sweaters, joggers, and sneakers that were trendy a few years ago. Yeezy’s fashion collection became popular, especially the phenomenal Adidas Yeezy sneakers line.


  1. XO by H&M – The Weeknd

If you look at the list of clothing lines owned by celebrities, it can’t be denied that musicians are the most influential. Canadian singer, The Weeknd, also entered the fashion line business by collaborating with H&M for the X.O line. Similar to Drake’s fashion line, the X.O collection is thick with streetwear nuances of a relaxed and basic style.

XO itself has released its collection twice which contains sweatshirts, hoodies, baseball jackets, and bomber jackets. XO fashion line will be suitable for you who like a relaxed style but still elegant style of The Weeknd.

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