10 Genius Musicians with Unique Vocals

Every musician certainly hopes his work can be enjoyed and known by music lovers in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that a singer tries to perform an impressive and beautiful sound for his listeners. Fortunately for those who have a distinctive voice in singing.

This makes it hard for music lovers to recognize them and listen to their songs repeatedly. Well, this time we will give you a line of famous musicians who have unique sounds and make your ears collect for listening to their songs.

Here are 10 world famous musicians with unique vocals. Come on, listen!

1. Freedie Mercury

Freddie Mercury’s voice not only made the fans stunned, but also invited the curiosity of the scientists. Therefore, they made a study of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” chanter. Reported by Entertainment Weekly, scientists from Austria, the Czech Republic and Sweden joined forces to examine Mercury’s sound samples. Their results were conveyed in a scientific journal entitled “Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology”.

Initially, many thought that Mercury had a four-octave range. Apparently, scientists found evidence that this singer has a high voice modulation ability. Mercury, which has the ability to chant notes so smooth at one time and coarse at another time, makes scientists conclude that the Mercury vibrato frequency is several degrees higher than that of a trained classical singer.

This research yields a lot of other evidence. One of them, Mercury turned out to use singing techniques by vibrating the ventricular folds in the throat as subharmony. This technique is commonly used by Tuvan, Mongolian singers, who have a unique singing style.

2. Michael Jackson

Because of his distinctive voice, not a lot of people who imitate Michael Jackson. His vocal gimmick and good murmur made this Pop Pop sound never replaced. Plus, Jackson has the ability to play emotions ranging from songs that beat until even sad. He also has the ability to sing staccato rhythm (“Smooth Criminal”) and legato in a timely manner.

One of the unique characteristics of MJ is when he calls “Ooo-hoo” with a high shrill. In fact, the sound was only made up by MJ. Reported by Express, according to Rev. June Gatlin, MJ’s spiritual advisor, this shrill voice was fake. He deliberately pretended to always have the voice of a childish young man. However, apart from that, the unique vocals still hit the hearts of fans.

3. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain is a musician who lived in the golden age of alternative music in the 1990s. In a way, he and Nirvana share in changing the world of global music, from rock music which was originally decorated with love songs to rock music that is “male”.

Nirvana’s success is inseparable from Cobain’s unique voice. This is unique and cannot be compared to other alternative bands. The vocal sound isn’t made up. Its uniqueness lies in its rasping, rasping screams. Moreover, the noisy combination of his guitar made Nirvana’s adrenaline music more lively and spicy, such as the songs “Lake of Fire” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

4. Adele

The presence of Adele in the world music industry is arguably something phenomenal. Because, in addition to his expertise in writing songs that are qualified, Adele has a sound quality that doesn’t need to be doubted anymore. Through his unique voice, he plays the song through jazz and soul genres. Adele can amaze world music lovers with her contralto sound.

Adele’s presence in the entertainment world also seemed to bewitch many people with melancholy lyrics and her solemn voice. Therefore, it is not surprising that he received various awards in his career, including the Oscar in 2013. It also made Adele one of the most expensive paid singers in the world.

5. John Lennon

John Lennon is one of the figures who contributed to revolutionizing world music in the 1960s-1970s era. So phenomenally, Lennon with his band, The Beatles, is considered to have popularized a new music genre called Liverpool sound. The founder and frontman of the legendary British music group has the ability to sound soft and manly as a vocalist.

The character of the soft and sometimes squealing voice has made every song of The Beatles. In fact, the vocal character and song creation inspired the musicians of the world. The sound that sounds relaxed and can be enjoyed by all ages makes the old-fashioned impression of the music disappear.

6. Amy Lee

Being an icon in the Evanescence group is a lifeline suitable for an Amy Lee. Not only has the aura of a star, this beautiful and mysterious girl also has a distinctive melodious voice. In a way, the two things became a combination that made Evanescence admired in his day. It is not surprising that many of his songs were popular in the 2000s.

A raspy, raspy voice was a gift to Lee. Plus his talent as a classical pianist, it’s only natural that Lee has a lot of fans. It also made his name skyrocketed along with the success of Evanescence as one of the rock bands loved by the 1990s kids.

7. Chester Bennington

This American musician has successfully become a frontman who brought the band Linkin Park to its heyday. Despite having a gloomy aura, Bennington has a song that can give motivation to his listeners. In fact, even a troubled song was delivered with a distinctive rhythm so it doesn’t sound sad.

Through Linkin Park, Bennington combines hip hop and metal music. The sound color is also distinctive. He could scream totally without the pain in his vocal cords. Then, his voice can suddenly change full of melodious ballad melodies and is liked by anyone who hears it. You could say, from the songs he made, his voice contained happiness and pain, anger and forgiveness, love and pain, all joined together.

8. David Bowie

A true music lover is certainly no stranger to the name David Bowie. Yep, Bowie became an idol figure in the music world for more than four decades as well as being an icon of androgynous artists in the 1970-1980s. Bowie is known for his quirky costumes. His raspy, melodious voice and distinctive lingering make him known in the music world.

Her melodious baritone voice made Bowie easy to recognize by anyone who heard it. The combination of bass and tenor made Bowie’s songs a favorite of his time. Therefore, despite looking rather eccentric, Bowie is still favored by actors and lovers of world music because of the talent of her voice.

9. Sarah Brightman

This girl is famous as a classic soprano voice. In fact, he is able to sing in many different languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Mandarin. His distinctive voice often makes selling his album in demand.

The sound quality of this world classic singer is undoubtedly. Even though he is half a century old, the vocal quality is well preserved. Brightman is famous for his vocal power and expertise in falsetto techniques. So, you don’t need to be surprised if he got 16 gold and platinum from 34 countries around the world.

10. Elvis Presley

Musicians from the United States who have worldwide are often referred to as “King of Rock” Roll “. Evis Presley is known as a pioneer of the era of loud music combined with ballad music. His eccentric hairstyle looks even more iconic. Hence, rock n ‘roll teenagers adore their style on stage.

Presley’s heavy, bass-like voice was a hallmark of old rock music. The unique sound criteria make him unmatched in the era of rock music. In fact, the same class singer Ricky Nelson couldn’t match his fame. I was so talented, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and other Beatles personnel became a big fan of Presley.


In fact, there are still many musicians with distinctive voices. The 10 musicians we’ve mentioned above become inspirations of musicians with other distinctive voices who dare to appear in the entertainment world. Relying on different and unique sounds, they appear confident and managed to become a favorite of connoisseurs of world music. Now, of the 10 musicians above, which sound can make you eargasm?

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